Electric Man – Nice Fighting Game

Oh, just how much I like playing flash fighting games. They either make me laugh up until I diminish my chair or make me really delight in playing it. Well, from the lab of Damien Clarke we have a great and also futuristic-looking flash game called Electric Man . This game comes from among those terrific flash games which you could proudly say you enjoyed having fun. Perhaps it appears insane, however take a look at merely a few of these functions: saveoption, great futuristic graphics, electric soundtrack, smooth controls and also brilliant game development.

In this game you remain in the function of the candidate in the Tournament of Voltagen, where you should combat various other participants that are contending for the title of tournament champ. Music and the graphics in this game are fantastic. And also I claim this because I am a sucker for techno music and also smooth lines, so this is heaven for my eyes and also ears. Easy, yet reliable effects, both visuals as well as seems, make me enjoy this video game a lot. The computer animation are actually wonderful, there are no delays whatsoever, if you understand how to play, that is. Why I claimed that? Since, as an example: when you supply a unique action at your opponent and also it shoots him in the other instructions, your stick guy will certainly search in the exact same instructions as in the past, to ensure that can be a little bit challenging if you have another adversary behind your back. This was always irritating me when I began playing that. But every little thing else seems simply great.

The gameplay is basically criterion for this type of video games– you battle your way with various numbers and types of opponents. These are likewise stickmenand they have instead interesting names, such as The Replicants, The Frozen, The Toxic10, Pyromaniacs …

Controls are so smooth and well done as well as you will get into Electric Man 2 rather conveniently. You control your man with the arrow keys, while ASD are booked for regular strikes, kicks and also tossing. If you desire even more power after that use QWE for unique steps. Throughout the unique actions, slow motion turns on and a collection of kicks are provided to an opponent. Certainly, to do this, you have to wait until the battery in the edge loads and then press the switch. After you make use of the innovative skill, a part of the battery will certainly drain, however will demand once again with time.